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NESA's Partners

The North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) is a public-private partnership. NESA is supported by its nine member counties and over twenty private sector supporters.

By combining the resources of the public sector with that of our private sector supporters, we are able to strengthen our organization's ability to create additional opportunities for our region to compete for jobs and capital investment.

For more information on how your company can be a part of the success of this region, please contact:

Ronald Carter

Director of Operations

(843) 661-1206

For a list of NESA investor levels and a description of investor benefits, click here

Why invest in NESA?

Promote Economic Growth – NESA works with county and state economic developers to bring jobsand capital investment to the region. NESA can work with local economic developers throughout the economic development process from initial company contact through incentives negotiations and to announcement.  

Augment Local Economic Development Efforts – NESA provides substantial lead generation assistance, research assistance, and marketing assistance in support of local economic development programs.  This type of assistance would be impossible for most counties to obtain without the support of NESA.  

Grow Existing Industries – NESA works in conjunction with local, state and federal officials to maintain an ongoing existing industry outreach program that is designed to support expansions, identify customer/supplier opportunities and identify any positive or negative issues being experienced.  Our existing industries are important to our local and regional economies and we seek to support their growth and longevity within the region. 

Encourage Infrastructure Development – NESA is highly involved in promoting major infrastructure projects throughout the region. NESA has completed a comprehensive infrastructure study and continues to work on the state and local level to identify strategies for addressing infrastructure shortfalls and exploiting infrastructure advantages throughout the region.

Foster Regional Research – NESA maintains comprehensive regional labor and demographic databases with information that can shared with companies, consultants and NESA investors as needed.  NESA is also highly involved in the identification, due diligence and certification of potential industrial sites throughout the region.