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Our strategic location, highly productive workforce, and low cost of doing business aren't the only reasons for corporate success in the NESA region; it's our region's favorable regulatory environment, aggressive local incentives, and responsive government that attracts companies to South Carolina's Business Corner. Companies, like Sonoco, McCall Farms, and International Paper have been calling our region home for several decades and investments of over $3 billion resulting in the creation of approximately  7,800 jobs since 2015. Numerous sites in our region are shovel-ready, with completed due diligence reports. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) also designates a single permitting liaison to expedite their regulatory process, and less than 1% of permits are denied. Grants, tax reductions, and utility incentives are more tools that are available to businesses.

what companies are saying about the region

We could be headquartered anywhere we want to be. We could be headquartered in major cities like Charlotte or Atlanta. We could be wherever we want, but we choose to be in Hartsville. We choose to be in Darlington County. We choose to be in Northeast South Carolina for one reason. And that’s the reason I’ve always like to talk about in terms of values. The people in this area are trustworthy, they know what the right thing is, they’re interested in getting paid for a good day’s work, they’re not looking for handouts.


Roger Schrum, Sonoco Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs

It's been very good working with the local and state (officials) here in South Carolina. Positive relationships have helped us get funds for training needs and improving wastewater and sewer in the area, as well as some tax breaks for employment opportunities.


Art Christianson, Sopakco Vice President of Operations

State, local and governmental officials and entities have been very supportive of our strategies to sustain the business, grow the business, and give back to the local economy. They’ve been very helpful when it comes to infrastructure support, different types of support that we need as an industry to sustain the business and grow.


Brian Lee, DSM Sr. Human Resource Manager

The state of South Carolina has been very easy for us to deal with over the years. We’ve gotten lots of help every time we’ve needed to expand, and the same with Williamsburg County. They couldn’t have been more accommodating than they have been. Anytime we need anything, [like a] permit, we find it very easy to get things done here.


H. David Poston, Palmetto Synthetics President

For a new business owner, someone who had that dream of opening a business, a simple phone call is all it takes to get it started. They would be absolutely amazed at the amount of help that starts crawling out of the woodwork coming back to them to offer up the assistance they have. All of them are here to support you with whatever needs you might have. These guys help find sites, land, vacant buildings and they even help with the workforce. There are subsidies and grants available for the workforce, repairs and improvements on existing buildings, and new construction. All you have to do is ask.


Jeremy Bass, Owner-CEO Executive Helijet Group

Working with the state and local officials has been a very efficient process. Everybody has been really friendly and are more willing to help. They do whatever it takes to try to get more industry in this county. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. If I need anything, all I have to do is ask and they’ll try to make it happen.


Tim Bass, Plant Manager Best One Tire

Everybody has been very helpful and supportive of our business venture. The relationships have been great since we started talking about developing here. The state, county, and local teams have been very supportive. We couldn’t be as successful as we are without their support.


Tom Strowe, Plant Manager Nestle Waters

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