Cades Industrial Park

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Cades Industrial Park

Property Information

Address: U.S. Hwy. 52, 1 Mile North of Cade Rd.
City: Cades
Zip: 29560
County: Williamsburg
Development Type: Site
Property Type: Site / Park

Brokerage Details

Tax District: 45-194-006
Sale Price Per Acre: $12,000

Site Information

Total Acres: 367
Minimum Divisible Acreage: 10
Maximum Contiguous Acreage: 42
Zoning: No Zoning Present
Nearby Land Use: Heavy Industrial (N) Undeveloped Land (S) Agricultural (E) Undeveloped Land (W)
Site Condition: Partially Cleared
Elevation (Min): 65'
Elevation (Max): 72'
Soil Type: Fine Sandy Loam
Due Diligence Performed: Yes
Has Rail Spur Access: Yes

Utilities Information

Electric Supplier: Duke Progress Energy Service Company, LLC
Natural Gas Supplier: SCE&G
Gas Main Size: 3"
Gas Main Distance: On Site
Water Supplier: Town of Lake City
Water Main Size: 12"
Water Main Distance to Property: 50 feet
Waste Water Supplier: Town of Lake City
Waste Water Main Size: 15" (Force Main, Gravity)
Waste Water Main Distance to Property: 2.4 miles

Proximity Information

Nearest Airport: Florence Regional (31 miles)
Nearest Interstate: I-95 (25 miles)
Nearest Port: Georgetown (47 miles)

Due Diligence Completed

Protected Species Report download
Cultural Resources Identification Survey download
Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment download
Topographic Survey download

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