Niagara Florence Industrial Park

Property Information

Address: Dupont Dr.
City: Florence
State: SC
Zip: 29506
County: Florence
Municipality: Unincorporated
Latitude and Longitude: 34.196620000, -79.58571000

Brokerage Details

Tax Map ID: 00336-01-009,00336-01-006
Sale Price Per Acre: $20,000
Property Owner: County

Building Information

Site Information

Total Acres: 938
Minimum Divisible Acreage: 1
Maximum Contiguous Acreage: 200.5
Developable Acres: 590
Zoning: No Zoning Present
Surrounding Land Use - North: Agricultural
Surrounding Land Use - South: Heavy Industrial
Surrounding Land Use - East: Waterway
Surrounding Land Use - West: Agricultural
Site Condition: partially-cleared
Elevation (Min): 99'
Elevation (Max): 99'
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Due Diligence Performed: Wetlands Delineation Map, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Protected Species Report, Cultural Resources Survey Phase I, Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment, Topographic Survey, Boundary Survey
Rail Provider: CSX Transportation
Has Rail Spur Access: Yes

Utilities Information

Primary Electric Provider: Duke Energy Progress
Natural Gas Provider: Carolina Gas Transmission Company
Natural Gas Type: -
Gas Main Size: 6
Distance to Nearest Gas Line: On Site
Telecommunications Provider: AT&T
Water Provider: City of Florence
Water Main Diameter: 4"
Distance to Water Main: On Site
Water Service Distance: On Site
Wastewater Provider: City of Florence
Wastewater Type: Gravity
Wastewater Line Diameter: 8"
Wastewater Main Distance: On Site

Proximity Information

Nearest Airport: Florence Regional Airport (9 miles)
Nearest Interstate: I-95 (13 miles)
Nearest Port: Inland Port Dillon (20 miles)

Due Diligence Completed

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment download
Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment download

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