Russell Stover

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Russell Stover

Property Information

Address: 2212 U.S. Hwy. 76 East
City: Marion
State: SC
Zip: 29571
County: Marion
Condition: Fair
Municipality: City

Brokerage Details

Tax Map ID: 065-00-00-054-000
Sale Price: $1,900,000
Sale Price Per Square Foot: $6.86
Lease Price Per Square Foot: $1.2

Building Information

Year Built: 1967
Construction Status: Existing
Clear height at Eaves: 15'
Clear Height Range: 15' - 24'
Wall Material: Brick, Concrete
Column Spacing: Typical Width x Depth
Primary Lighting Type: Fluorescent
Tenancy: Multi-Tenant
Number of Drive-in Doors: 2
Number of Dock Doors: 11
Sprinkler Type: Wet
Sprinkler Coverage: 100%
Heated Area: Office Only
Air Conditioned Area: Office Only
Number of Dock Doors: 11
Total Area (Sq. Ft.): 277,000
Area Available (Sq. Ft.): 177,000
Minimum Area (Sq. Ft.): 1,000
Sq. Ft. of Office Space: 3,000
Sq. Ft. of Industrial / Mfg. Space: 274,000
Houses Multiple Tenants: Yes
Former Property use: Distribution/Warehouse

Site Information

Site Acres: 24
Zoning: No Zoning Present
Surrounding Land Use - North: Commercial
Surrounding Land Use - South: Commercial
Surrounding Land Use - East: Commercial
Surrounding Land Use - West: Commercial
Site Condition: Fair

Utilities Information

Type of Electric: 23kV
Primary Electric Provider: Duke Energy Progress
Natural Gas Provider: Dominion Energy
Gas Main Size: 3/4
Distance to Nearest Gas Line: Connected
Telecommunications Provider: AT&T
Water Provider: Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority
Water Main Diamter: 10"
Waste Water Supplier: Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority
Wastewater Provider: Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority
Wastewater Type: Gravity
Wastewater Line Diameter: 8"
Wastewater Main Distance: Connected

Proximity Information

Nearest Airport: Florence Regional Airport (22 miles)
Nearest Interstate: I-95 (17 miles)
Nearest Port: Inland Port Dillon (19 miles)

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