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Our low cost of doing business, excellent location, and high quality of life are just a few of the reasons many world-class companies such as Honda, Hitachi (Metglas), GE, Sonoco, and International Paper have chosen the North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) Region of South Carolina as their home.  These companies made decisions to locate in South Carolina because of our state's business-friendly environment and strong legislative support, but also because of the strong work ethic of our people who have made them and will make your company successful in the NESA Region of the state.

Northeastern South Carolina is a place where businesses prosper, communities blossom and the people savor the rich culture, beautiful scenery and all the benefits of living in a thriving economic environment.  This is the NESA Region.  Through partnerships with community, government, and local businesses, NESA is able to turn its regional success into your success.