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Manufacturing Success

Companies located in South Carolina’s northeastern corner utilize the region’s well-trained and industrious workforce to produce all-terrain vehicles, MRIs, aircraft components, machinery, structural steel, and much more. Nearly one-tenth of the region’s labor force is employed in manufacturing operations, which is a concentration rate 10% higher than the national average.


“Shovel Ready” Industrial Sites

NESA and its member counties have dedicated tremendous financial resources to preparing its communities for future industry. As a result, extensive engineering and infrastructure due diligence has been completed and many industrial properties are “shovel ready”.

Railroad Access

Home to the largest CSX rail yard in the state, northeastern South Carolina has more than 350 miles of rail that traverses the region. Localities across the region have made a concerted effort to identify and develop industrial sites with railroad access to reduce opportunity costs for future rail users.


Northeastern South Carolina’s vast system of four-lane divided highways create a network of efficient truck routes to the region’s two interstate highways, I-95 and I-20. Not only does this optimize freight movement, but it also expands a company’s workforce radius, granting access to a larger labor pool.

Inland Port Dillon

Owned and operated by the South Carolina Posts Authority, Inland Port Dillon is a rail-connected extension of the Port of Charleston. With competitive drayage rates, intermodal rail service, and easy access to I-95, Inland Port Dillon reduces costs for port-related logistics companies operating in northeastern South Carolina.


With a verified portfolio of fully-served industrial sites along major electrical transmission and distribution corridors, northeastern South Carolina is equipped to serve industrial utility requirements.

Expedited Permitting

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) administers the issuance of federal permits in the state. DHEC gives priority to the permitting review of new facilities. Less than 1% of environmental permits in South Carolina are challenged.


Advanced Manufacturing Operations


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Advanced Manufacturing Operations


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