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Your company is cleared for take-off in the NESA region. With two competitively priced aerospace-focused industrial parks located at two commercial airports and numerous surrounding industrial parks for ancillary businesses, our region is prepared to land everything from OEM to MRO aerospace facilities. Contact our team today to begin your site search.


Right-to-work state

With one of the lowest unionization rates in the nation and a workforce that is dedicated to earning pay commensurate with production, our region is ideal for aerospace production operations.

Located in the “aerospace triangle”

With proximity to Boeing, Honda Jet, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Gulfstream, our region can serve as a base for supplying all of these major OEM facilities. This strategic location also allows for potential R&D and other collaborations with these major industrial players.

Proximity to existing aerospace suppliers

Locating within the NESA region provides access to existing supply chains associated with some of the largest aerospace companies in the southeast. On the other side of the supply chain equation, locating within our region allows companies to diversify their customer base by serving multiple aerospace OEMs from one location.

Experience in training workforces for aerospace companies

ReadySC and the South Carolina Technical College System have trained thousands of aerospace workers for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and numerous other marquee name aerospace companies within the state. This experience can be brought to bear in training a workforce for your company. And, best of all, ReadySC recruits, screens, and trains your workforce at no cost.

Competitive utility rates

Whereas some locations experience high utility costs stemming from excessive taxes and regulations, our state exempts electricity and fuels used in manufacturing operations from sales taxes. Additionally, our utilities maintain modern world-class infrastructure which keeps costs low and service reliable.

Two “shovel ready” aerospace industrial parks with runway access

The Myrtle Beach International Technology and Aerospace Park (MBITAP) is a 416 acre property adjacent to a 9,500’ runway and the Florence Regional Airport Industrial Park is 446 acres and features access to both a 6,500’ and a 5,500’ runway.


Our region’s workforce is ready to perform. The workforce of this region is one of the most productive in the state based on our manufacturing gross domestic product. Our people are dedicated, hardworking, and eager to learn the newest technologies. In our region, we make everything from plastic resins to all-terrain vehicles, to sailing yachts, to aerospace components. Our workforce is ready to succeed in accomplishing the next challenge.

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