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If it’s metal or made from metal, we can make it here in the NESA region. Our region is home to more than 250 facilities and 7,000 people engaged in the production of primary metals or fabricated metal products. World class metal companies are successful in this region because of the robust training and apprenticeship programs prevalent in our region. Contact our team today to begin your site search.


"Shovel Ready” Industrial Sites

NESA and our member counties have dedicated tremendous financial resources to preparing our region to win industrial projects. As a result, we can offer low-cost industrial properties, several having railroad access, that have completed extensive engineering and infrastructure due diligence. Our “shovel ready” sites have saved companies months of lost time and thousands of dollars in preliminary engineering costs. We invite you to come see what we can offer your metal products company.

Railroad Access

With more than 350 track miles within our region and with the largest CSX rail yard in South Carolina being located here, robust railroad service is readily available. In addition, several shortline railroads serve large portions of the region as well. In recent years, our region has made a concerted effort to identify and develop industrial parks and sites with railroad access so that we can secure even more industrial jobs for our region.


Being located near the I-95 and I-20 corridors and having an inland port within the region makes the receipt of raw materials and shipping of finished goods easy and cost-effective. Our internal network of four-lane divided highways also augments the region’s infrastructure by providing easy access to/from the interstate corridors both allowing for the ease of freight movements and for widening the workforce radius.


With average industrial electrical rates 6.5% below the national average and a verified portfolio of industrial sites along major electrical transmission and distribution corridors, it’s no wonder that our region has become home to so many metal products companies. Additionally, our “shovel ready” industrial sites have industrial-grade water, sewer, and telecommunications infrastructure in place and ready for your company to start production.

The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT)

SiMT is a world-class center that assists companies in rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, event planning, and workforce training. For metal products companies, SiMT has a state of the art manufacturing arena including lathes, drills, CNC machines, and other equipment that can be used to produce a highly skilled workforce.

Right-to-work state

With the second lowest unionization rate in the nation and a workforce that is dedicated to earning pay commensurate with output, our region is ideal for metal production and fabrication operations.


Our people actively seek jobs in the metal manufacturing and fabrication industries due to the quality of those jobs and the physical products that are produced and used all over the world. We are proud of our metal fabrication workforce; in fact, one of our technical colleges hosts a welding rodeo each year to showcase skilled welders who represent their companies in a friendly competition. All of our four technical colleges within the region offer programs pertinent to this industry and all generate a steady stream of graduates to keep this industry growing and as strong as steel.

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