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The Aerospace Industry continues to land in South Carolina.

Wouldn't you like to get on board? To see what the NESA region has to offer in terms of the aerospace industry, view our report here.


Because of our high quality of life, low cost of doing business, and excellent location, Boeing chose South Carolina as its location for final assembly of the 787 Dreamliner.  While Boeing's decision to locate in South Carolina speaks volumes to our state's business-friendly environment and the strong legislative support aerospace companies receive in the state, it is the strong work ethic of our people that will make Boeing and your company successful in South Carolina and in the NESA Region of the state.

Advantages of the NESA Region for Aerospace Companies

The NESA Region is the prime location for the aviation and aerospace industry due to our extensive infrastructure, close proximity to the Ports of Charleston, Wilmington, Georgetown and Savannah, and competitive land and labor costs.  Other key advantages of the NESA Region include:

  • The new Boeing facility is a short drive via four-lane divided highway or Interstate
  • Average annual wage rates are lower than the U.S. overall
  • Electrical and construction costs are lower than the national average
  • A wide variety of industrial properties well-suited to the aerospace industry, including aviation industrial parks
  • Tax credits available of up to $9,000 per job
  • ReadySC, a world-class training program offered through the state's technical college system at no cost to employers, provides customized employee screening and training services on your timetable.  ReadySC has worked with aerospace companies such as Global Aeronautics and Vought to meet their needs and is currently working with Boeing to staff its new facility.
  • The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SiMT) is the first facility of its kind in the U.S. and features an Advanced Manufacturing Center, a Virtual Reality Center, and a National Robotics Center.  SiMT offers open-enrollment, on-site, and customized training as well as manufacturing start-up assistance and consulting services.