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Labor and Employment

With one of the most productive workforces in the nation, South Carolina excels at manufacturing everything from luxury vehicles, to highly advanced medical equipment, to all-terrain vehicles, to pharmaceuticals, and Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.  The companies that produce these products have had no difficulty finding, recruiting and retaining talented and productive workers, technicians, and management employees.  With a business-friendly environment, the NESA Region provides the ideal mix of community and commerce to enable the success and growth of your business.


The highly concentrated number of skilled workers who are employed by these industries, along with the other highly educated professionals in the state has created a mindset of educational achievement that is continually growing.  This mindset has demonstrated the ability to embrace new technologies as they become available making the workforce training programs that are designed to encourage the adaptation of these new technologies.


South Carolina and the NESA Region are leading the nation in advanced manufacturing and research and development initiatives, making our region an ideal location for a company that is focused on the future.


The NESA Region has 83,600 workers who are classified as "underemployed" based on their skill sets compared to their actual occupations according to a recent labor study.  Of this number, more than half have experience in manufacturing, assembly or fabrication.