Competitive Advantages

Regional Assets

The NESA region has all you need to not just succeed in business, but thrive in today's global economy. You'll have access to a highly trained workforce with average salaries 35% lower than the U.S. average, located in a region where the cost of living and doing business is 8.9% less than the national average. Our region's extensive infrastructure includes two interstates (I-95 and I-20) with a new interstate (I-73) on the way, complemented by 600 miles of state and federal highways. The addition of Inland Port Dillon, with its direct line to the Port of Charleston, grants companies easy access to international markets. These quality assets and more come at fraction of the cost of what you'll find anywhere elsewhere in the southeastern United States.

Business Climate

A favorable regulatory environment and cooperative governmental entities at the state and local level makes the NESA region one of the most business-friendly areas in the nation.


With an available labor pool of over 1 million qualified workers, our region's workforce has a proven track record of being one of the most loyal and productive in the country.


Our centralized location allows access to major interstates and state highways, Class I CSX track, and the new Inland Port Dillon, optimizing time to domestic and global markets.


A reliable and affordable supply of electricity, abundant water resources, and waste management services keep businesses operating efficiently in the NESA region.

Low Cost, Excellent Quality

The region has abundant and reliable power, offered at competitive rates by organizations that value their customers' business. You’ll only be limited by your ambition, not the power supply.

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The workforce in the NESA region stands out among others in the southeastern United States. Not only are we productive, reliable and loyal, we’re also one of the most affordable.

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The value of a dollar goes a long way in our region, equaling savings for companies, affordable living for employees, and makes NESA a great place for doing business.

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As the state's largest alliance by land mass, we have plenty of industrial sites and buildings strategically located around our region at very competitive prices.

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Competitive Incentives


For qualified projects, grants may be available from counties, the state, and utility companies. These grants are discretionary and can be used to assist companies in some of the “hard costs” associated with locating a facility within the region.


For companies meeting certain utility consumption thresholds, discretionary incentivized rate structures may be available from various utilities.


In South Carolina, there are numerous sales tax exemptions, property tax exemptions and reductions, and corporate income tax credits available to companies that make investments and create jobs.

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