News | May 23 2019

DILLON, S.C. – Spectrum Quartz, part of the Hirsch Glass Corporation, announced they will be opening a new production operation in Dillon County creating 150 new jobs and making a capital investment of $22.5 million.


"As South Carolina's and Dillon County's new corporate citizen, we are excited about bringing a new manufacturing facility here,” Hirsch Glass Corporation President Alex Xie said. “The decision to build the facility in Dillon County was motivated by the desire to bring our manufacturing facility to the U.S. and was also helped by the strong support of the local and state government. We believe this investment will be beneficial for both Spectrum Quartz and the people of Dillon County, and we are looking forward to being a part the community for a long time."


Established in 2005, Hirsch Glass Corporation designs and manufactures high-quality glass products, including tiles, mosaics and panels. In 2014, Hirsch Glass Corporation launched the Spectrum Quartz product line. Spectrum Quartz manufactures quartz slabs with unique aesthetics by utilizing its patent protected technology. With a variety of customers across the residential, commercial and hospitality industries, Spectrum Quartz features a wide selection of ready-to-use products for both traditional and modern designs around the world.


“NESA is extremely pleased to welcome Spectrum Quartz to our region,” North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) Executive Committee Chairman Yancey McGill said. “This project is a true testament of how working together impacts the creation of jobs and investment for the people of this region. NESA is proud to have partnered with Dillon County’s legislative delegation, County Council, Administrator Tony Clyburn, and Economic Development Director Clay Young to make this project come to fruition.” 


The company plans to locate in the former West Rock building in Latta located at 4461 Highway 301 South. New operations are projected to come online in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Hiring for the new facility is slated to begin in the third quarter of 2019, and those interested in joining the Spectrum Quartz team should visit for more information.

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