169 Dorien Drive

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169 Dorien Drive

Property Information

Address: 169 Dorien Drive
City: Jamestown
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29440
County: Georgetown
Condition: Good

Brokerage Details

Tax District: 01-1001-002-00-00
Sale Price: 2,200,000
Sale Price Per Square Foot: 17.74
Lease Price Per Square Foot: 1.5

Building Information

Year Built: 2009
Clear height at Eaves: 13'
Clear height at Center: 13'-24'
Wall Material: Metal
Column Spacing: Typical Width x Depth
Primary Lighting Type: Flourescent
Number of Drive-in Doors: 3
Number of Dock Doors: 4
Truck Loading: 4
Sprinkler Type: To Suit
Heated Area: None
Air Conditioned Area: None
Number of Floors: 1
Number of Dock Doors: 4
Total Area (Sq. Ft.): 124,000
Minimum Area (Sq. Ft.): Not Subdividable
Sq. Ft. of Industrial / Mfg. Space: 124,000
Former Property use: Manufacturing

Site Information

Site Acres: 73
Zoning: Heavy Industrial
Nearby Land Use: Agricultural (N) Agricultural (S) Agricultural (E) Agricultural (W)
Site Condition: Good
Has Rail Spur Access: Yes

Utilities Information

Primary Electric Provider: Service Not Available
Natural Gas Provider: Service Not Available
Telecommunications Provider: Service Not Available
Water Provider: Well
Waste Water Supplier: Septic

Proximity Information

Nearest Airport: Charleston International (46)
Nearest Interstate: I-526 (38 miles)
Nearest Port: Port of Georgetown (25 miles)

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