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Situated exactly halfway between Miami and New York City along I-95, as well as at the eastern origin of I-20, northeastern South Carolina is in the middle of everywhere. The region itself is home to a population of nearly 800,000 who live throughout the region’s numerous charming small towns and the larger metropolitan areas of Florence and Myrtle Beach. Northeastern South Carolina’s extensive infrastructure includes 600+ miles of state and federal highways, 350+ miles of rail, two commercial airports, and the South Carolina Port Authority’s Inland Port in Dillon, a rail-served extension of the Port of Charleston. Also serving the region are two public 4-year universities, four technical colleges, and numerous other workforce training and education institutions that ensure the region’s wide variety of industries are equipped with a well-trained and qualified workforce.



Northeastern South Carolina is located at the eastern origin of I-20 and is exactly halfway between Miami and New York City along the I-95 corridor. The region itself is home to two metropolitan areas, Florence and Myrtle Beach, but is just north of Charleston, SC and just southeast of Charlotte, NC. Northeastern South Carolina's ideal location gives companies access to one-third of the entire US population within a 10-hour drive.


Northeastern South Carolina's stable and competitive property tax and state corporate income tax rates, comprehensive incentives programs, proactive utility providers, and cooperative regulatory environment reduces operating costs and allows companies to grow without constraint. Companies in northeastern South Carolina have access to a plethora of resources, from infrastructure development and expedited permitting to workforce training and financial resources.


Home to seven universities and technical colleges, northeastern South Carolina combines one-of-a-kind training and education facilities with personalized support services to enhance South Carolina’s nationally recognized workforce development programs, such as readySC™. The result is a continuous talent pipeline of an available and highly-skilled labor pool.


Northeastern South Carolina’s vast system of four-lane divided highways create a network of efficient truck routes to the region’s two interstate highways, I-95 and I-20. In addition to the 350 miles of rail that traverses the region, northeastern South Carolina is also served by Inland Port Dillon, a rail-connected extension of the Port of Charleston. With competitive drayage rates, intermodal rail service, and easy access to I-95, Inland Port Dillon reduces costs for port-related logistics companies operating in northeastern South Carolina.


NESA and its member counties have dedicated tremendous financial resources to preparing its communities for future industry. As a result, extensive engineering and infrastructure due diligence has been completed and many industrial properties are “shovel ready”. Numerous industrial speculative buildings are also in development across northeastern South Carolina.


Whether it’s time for rest, relaxation, or recreation, northeastern South Carolina stands ready with scenic destinations, leisurely activities, and action-packed events. The region offers beautiful sandy beaches, lush state parks, historical sites, and local hot spots. Aside from local theaters, festivals, concerts, farmers’ markets, botanical gardens, restaurants, and breweries, the region is served by numerous healthcare facilities and universities, and is home to South Carolina's only professional sporting venue, Darlington Raceway.


The northeastern region of South Carolina is home to two commercial airports: the Myrtle Beach International Airport, which offers direct flights to more than 50 destinations including Toronto, Canada, and the Florence Regional Airport, which offers direct flights to Charlotte Douglas International Airport connecting you to more than 170 destinations worldwide. Also accessible within two hours of various parts of our region are Charleston International, Charlotte Douglass, and Columbia Metropolitan Airports.

Our region's extensive infrastructure includes two interstates (I-95 and I-20), complemented by 600 miles of state and federal highways. Additionally, Inland Port Dillon has direct rail access to the deepwater Port of Charleston and grants companies easy access to international markets. These quality assets and more come at fraction of the cost of what you'll find anywhere elsewhere in the southeastern United States.



The North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) is a non-profit economic development organization that represents a nine-county region in Northeastern South Carolina. Our mission is to promote continued economic growth throughout the region by providing research and site selection assistance to companies as they develop and implement their strategic plans to expand their footprint.

Physical Address: 142 N. Dargan St., Florence, S.C. 29506

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